Drumheller Wisdom Teeth Removal

If there’s room for these molars in the jaw, they usually don’t cause trouble, but frequently, wisdom teeth are left with no room in the jaw. Without space to erupt through the gum, they may move sideways into the jaw, disrupt the placement of neighbouring teeth, or become trapped (“impacted”) – all of which can cause pain, infection, and damage to the teeth and jaw. In these cases, removal is the best option.

Under sedation, the dentist removes the teeth and stitches up the gums. This is a routine procedure, and you can rest easy that your Big Country dental team will give you the professional and effective care you need. Most people heal without further trouble, though some localized pain and swelling is normal. If you need any follow-up care, we are here for you!

Wisdom teeth removal is a procedure many of us undergo, and when your time comes, trust in the compassionate and high-quality dental care you receive from Drumheller’s Big Country Dental Care. Choosing us as your dental office is the wise thing to do!