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It takes a lot to keep you and your family in tip-top oral health! On top of the oral hygiene you practice at home, we combine years of training, a staff of professionals, and an arsenal of high-tech instruments, marvels of modern dental technology. These instruments help us help you, by providing us with the tools we need to diagnose and treat all manner of dental issues.

Our Technology Includes

Intra-oral cameras

intra-oral cameras are little cameras with a big capacity! They’re small so we can use them inside your mouth without making you uncomfortable, and their outstanding image and zoom capabilities give us extremely detailed views. This is essential for informed diagnoses and creating effective treatment plans.

Digital X-rays

bye-bye, bitewings! The advanced digital x-rays mean no more holding uncomfortable bitewings in your mouth while we take x-rays. Now, a small sensor takes the images of your mouth and relays them to the computer, where they can be viewed and enlarged. Not only is it more convenient for you, it provides better pictures for us, and all with 90% less radiation!

Panoramic X-rays

using our old types of x-rays, we would have to take a series of images in order to create a picture of the entire mouth. Now, with panoramic x-rays, the machine takes a picture of the entirety of your mouth and jaw in one shot. Faster, better, more comfortable, and ready in seconds, the panoramic x-ray is an essential tool for diagnosis, orthodontic plans and more.

Cephalometric (Ceph) X-rays

from the Greek “kephalos”, meaning “head”, this x-ray takes the panoramic one step further, by creating a digital picture of the entire side of the face and skull. These x-rays are used when the dentist needs to see the cheekbones and entire jaw at once, and are especially useful for TMJ issues, orthodontics, bite issues, and more.

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