Dental Services
in Drumheller

We offer a wide range of dental services to suit every need here at Big Country Dental Care, but our commitment to you goes beyond the procedures we provide. We are also dedicated to making certain every service you receive is performed with the utmost quality and care, and that we are up-to-the-minute with professional and technological advances.

Take a look at what we can do for you! Your oral health is our business!

Dental Emergencies

Drumheller’s Big Country Dental Care offers same day emergency treatment for everyone.

Dental Restorations

Drumheller’s Big Country Dental Care performs dental restorations of all kinds, from fillings to bridges and more.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Big Country Dental Care in Drumheller AB offer two cosmetic dentistry procedures: veneers and ceramic crowns, both of which improve and renew dental appearance.

Dental Implants

Dental implant procedure, which replaces missing teeth with artificial ones mounted on rods, is a permanent and high-quality option available from Big Country Dental Care.


Orthodontics, the practice of fixing crooked or misaligned teeth, helps with many dental issues and is offered via metal braces or Invisalign at Big Country Dental Care.

At Drumheller’s Big Country Dental Care, family dentistry is a cornerstone of their professional and client-centred practice.


Drumheller’s Big Country Dental Care provides periodontic services to assist patients who are fighting gum disease.


Drumheller’s Big Country Dental Care provides the endodontic service of root canals, preserving teeth through dealing with infected interior tissue.

Don’t let fear, anxiety, or a need for pain options stop you from getting the dental procedures you need – ask about sleep dentistry at Big Country Dental Care in Drumheller.

Oral Hygiene/Cleaning

Preventative dentistry in the form of oral hygiene and cleaning is a vital part of oral health and of the dental practice of Big Country Dental Care in Drumheller AB.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Impacted wisdom teeth are removed with compassionate and professional care by Drumheller’s Big Country Dental Care.

Sports guards and bite appliances made of flexible plastic are effective against injury and damage from both physical activities and bruxism.


For permanent tooth loss solutions, Drumheller’s Big Country Dental Care offers traditional and reliable custom-fitted dentures.


TMJ disorder causes pain in the jaw joint along with other symptoms, but can be treated and relieved with options from Drumheller’s Big Country Dental Care.

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