Let’s face it: no one wants to talk about gum disease. We’ve all seen those scary pictures at the dentist’s office, and no one wants to believe it could happen to them. But the truth is that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, and it’s a surprisingly common condition. The good news is that it’s usually preventable, and that prevention starts in the dentist’s chair.

At every dental hygiene appointment, we clean your teeth from plaque and tartar, which consists of hardened plaque deposits. If those deposits go untreated, they lead to inflammation in the gum tissues, which leads to infection. If that continues to go untreated, the infection will begin to deteriorate the gum tissue, leading to pain,swelling, and eventual tooth loss. Prevention is obvious – regular dental hygiene appointments and dental checkups will keep the tartar from building up on your teeth and starting that domino effect.

If you’re already dealing with the effects of gum disease, we can help. We offer treatments to relieve pain and discomfort and battle the ongoing effects of gum disease. Here’s what we do to help get your gum health back on track:

Scaling and root planning

Our dental hygienists perform scaling at every appointment; it’s the practice of removing plaque and tartar from the teeth. However, when we’re talking periodontic scaling, it’s performed on a deeper level, removing those deposits, and any diseased gum tissue, from beneath the gumline. Root planing is the same procedure, performed on the roots of the tooth if the deposits have progressed that far. Scaling and root planing are the first weapons for battling gum disease, as the removal of plaque, tartar, and compromised tissue is the first step to fighting infection and the progression of gum disease.

Tooth extraction

Although we’ll try our best to save your teeth, sometimes gum disease will loosen or damage a tooth beyond the saving point. When that happens, it’s best to extract it to provide the healthiest possible environment for the rest of your teeth and tissues. When necessary, we’ll always perform a tooth extraction with the utmost skill and care for your well-being.

Flap procedures

Flap procedures help us to get into the inaccessible areas to remove tartar and diseased tissues. It’s performed by opening up the gum tissue, by means of a “flap”, in order to access and remove the interior tissue, before replacing and stitching the flap. This procedure gives us access to the deepest parts of your mouth, and gives the gums a chance to fight the infection and continue healing.

Your best weapons against gum disease are your regular visits to Big Country Dental Care! But if you’re already fighting that battle, then let us help you. We’ve got the compassionate care and the professional services you need to win the war, and keep healing.